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Victoria’s Testimony

Shoutout to my Client Victoria. I have known her since she was a 20-year-old looking to join the US Army.  I was the Recruiting Station Commander back then.  She enlisted, did an outstanding job and has since retired.  Years later, she reached out to me because she fell below her personal fitness standard and knew that I would help her bounce back. Here’s her testimony.


Me: Why do you work out?


Victoria: I work out to feel better and manage my mental health. I see that when I don't work out, my mind feels weak, which makes my body weak. Working out makes me feel like I can accomplish anything, no matter how hard, because I make it through workouts even when I think I can't.  Looking good is a bonus. What’s most important is that I feel great. My knees feel better now. I can move quicker and faster without nagging pains. Less popping noises lol



Victoria: We are in this, coach. I can’t look back because the results speak for themselves. I can actually see them.


Me: It’s real when you see them yourself


Victoria: And others do too. My dad is really impressed. He had a subtle way of telling me I needed to lose weight lol.



Me: What has changed since you started working out with me?


Victoria: I’ve lost a total of 36.4 pounds and over 10 inches.


Me: How were you able to do that while studying to be a chef and always around yummy food?


Victoria: Discipline and never losing sight of my goals. Being consistent works for me. I love my results.


Me: What do you think was at the root of your weight gain?


Victoria: Emotional Eating.  Food makes you happy. It’s like a drug when you’re depressed or anxious.


Me: What advice would you give someone about reaching their fitness goals?


Victoria: Consistency and discipline are a must because that’s the only way you’re going to get results that last.  Make it a part of your lifestyle.


Me: You have made great progress so far.  What are your new goals?


Victoria: My goal for this year is to get everything toned and tight.  I’m ready to put in some serious work. I want to focus on toning my back and my quads. My core is not as strong after having the twins.


Me: OK, let’s get to work


If you are interested in trying some of Victoria’s good cooking go to her website:

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