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Tia’s testimony

I started training because each year I would get my physical exam and my pre-diabetic levels kept getting worse and then I got scared because they said by 2022, I would be diabetic. I had to ask myself why I was basically killing myself. I am not a person that liked working out at all and so my motivation was on zero until that news. I tried to workout with two colleagues at the gym (one being my bestie Chanel who wanted to be healthy too) as accountability partners. The other colleague LOVES the gym and kind of left us to our own devices, but Chanel and I were NOT motivated.  I’ll be honest, I don’t think I ever even broke a sweat! I also don’t like routine and wasn’t creative enough to create my own, so I made MYSELF bored!  Then, since I don’t like working out, no one was technically pushing me, and I had to DRIVE to get to the gym at 5a I stopped going after about 2 months. But I REALLY wanted to be healthy, so I purchased more exercise equipment for my home gym. It all ended up collecting dust as usual because again, I needed to be held accountable.


Chanel heard about you from a family member or friend and told me you were great when I complained about needing to workout. The same day she gave me your number is the same day I called. It was also the same day that I was so motivated by our conversation that I ran to my exercise room at home with Clorox wipes to prepare for my workout the next morning. I was ambitious enough to commit to 5 days a week for a month. Afterwards I began training for with you for three days per week for the last 6 months.  and while I don’t like working out still, I LOVE my results. Not just the weight loss, not only not being pre-diabetic anymore, not just fixing my cholesterol issues, and not only high blood pressure being nonexistent, but also because of the mental part. 

My arthritis doesn’t hurt AT ALL in my ankles so I can wear heels all the time again 😍!


I find myself trying on clothes all the time because they fit again! I used to throw clothes away and buy new ones. 🤦🏽‍♀️ It also motivated me to eat cleaner to get the best results And I even workout (maybe unknown to you) when I travel out of town. My job had me traveling a lot, but now I don’t use traveling as an excuse because you have me so motivated! I can’t believe it, I’ve worked out over these months via Zoom in Chicago, Atlanta, DC, and even packed my weights in my suitcase on a week-long work retreat. I did give myself a break in Hawaii though!


I realized you were the trainer for me when my body hadn’t yet adjusted to getting up in the beginning and I didn’t show one morning.  You texted to say I missed my workout. I explained I was sleep, and immediately you said it’s ok because I’ll see you tomorrow. All I could do was smile because I wasn’t scheduled for tomorrow, so I was basically volun-TOLD that I was going to workout! Exactly what I needed and will continue to need. I know the value and try my best to encourage others. Again, thanks times a thousand! I basically owe you for helping me save my life!


Oh, and let’s not forget how AFFORDABLE this is!!!! I love that you switch up the routines every day. I’m NEVER BORED! Lol! I live a life that requires energy and mental and physical endurance.  I’m an author, entrepreneur, Housing Director at a community org and public servant since Gov. Murphy appointed me earlier this year as the Chair of Dept of Corrections Board of Trustees.  I can’t do all of this without good health.


I also started a publishing company to keep self-publishing my books. Yep, I need energy for that as well.


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