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Fitness Testimony: Erika

It's apparent that Erika has been doing something different. Let's check in with her.

Me: What made you deicide or realize that you wanted to change your body and health?


Erika: I decided that I wanted to make a change with my health and body because I had too many annoying health ailments, I wasn’t comfortable in my clothes, I did not feel good overall. I even considered weight loss surgery thinking it would be an easy way out.


Me: Why didn’t you do the weight loss surgery?


Erika: I didn’t do the weight loss surgery because I was right on the boarder of them approving me and I had the pressure of family and friends telling me that I didn’t need it. I’ve also witnessed so many people gain the weight back and/or have many complications. Plus, honestly, I was scared as hell!! I’m also considered a “foodie” so I like to eat and drink what I want…so I decided to just get with a trainer (YOU) and make my own nutritional changes that I would be happy about.


Me: Had you ever tried any other weight loss or workout plans, diets, or programs?


Erika: Yes. I’ve tried Weight Watchers in the past. Several times. Foods were bland and I didn’t like weighing food and counting points. I’ve belonged to various gyms but would always tend to use the same machines and never had any true accountability to go. I still belong to LA FITNESS ( because I have a deal of a lifetime.. LOL) and use it occasionally for the sauna and pool. But, again, it’s boring without a trainer or a consistent work out buddy.


Me: What are your new eating habits?


Erika: I learned how important breakfast was as well as portion control. I also realized that I was eating when I wasn’t hungry. I had to choose healthier snacks and cut out so much sugar! I listened to you when you said. “eat simple, mostly protein and veggies!”  Now, I tend to eat most carbs earlier in the day so I can burn it off. I also try to drink more water. Although, I admit that it’s a struggle. DEHYDRATION IS REAL!! I’ve been there….


Me: Besides the evident weight loss, what other benefits have you experienced throughout this process?


Erika: I have experienced major reduction in stress and anxiety during this process. I now actually enjoy waking up very early and getting my day started. The training actually gives me more energy and I feel more productive during the day!


Me: The wedding dress is beautiful. Is that the size you bought it?


Erika: Thank you and no they had to remove the zipper and take it in 3-4 inches! I was shocked and nervous at the same time!! Lol


Me: Lol! I bet you were. Now that the wedding is over, how long do you plan to keep working out?


Erika: Forever!!

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