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The Enemy Within

“Turn around now and head back home,” is what I heard. But when I looked around and there was no one else there. It was just me running alone. I knew that I planned on running three miles, however someone was telling me to cut it short and only do 1.5 miles. Actually, turning around was a good idea. I was already tired and I had so many other things to do that day. My calves were sore, my bed would be so much more comfortable than banging my sneakers against this asphalt and no one would know if I slacked just this once. Just when I was about to turn around I remembered my goals, I remembered why I planned on this 3-mile run as a part of my long-term strategy. I took a deep breath, smiled and kept on running. I won! I beat my inner weak voice again!

You have to recognize the inner weak voice. That is the voice that comes up whenever you’re about to level up. Right at that moment that you are about to take it up a notch that voice starts speaking to you. “I’m tired, turn back now, failure is OK. “The inner voice is very tricky. I want you to identify it. I want you to go so far as to give it a name. I named mine Jerome. Trust me, Jerome is a slick talker that tries to keep me from doing anything uncomfortable.

I want you to give it a name, because once you have named your enemy now you can recognize it, call it out and defeat it. The only way to defeat him or her is to go to the place that it normally shows up. Which means you have to go to the point of tiredness, fatigue, soreness or self-doubt. That is where Jerome shows up with all of his negativity, whining and energy sucking words. Once I hear him and recognize that its him, I punch him in the mouth with my fist full of effort and keep pushing. Every chance you get you have to dominate the inner voice. Do that action that makes the inner voice come up again and again. Each time it comes up you keep punching it and keep punching it. I want you to beat that weak invoice into submission. There’s an African proverb that says when there’s no enemy within, the enemy outside has no chance. I want us to defeat the enemy within so the outside world doesn’t stand a chance against you.

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Feb 24, 2022

I agree, that inner voice can be detrimental to your goals. If you can differentiate between the "inner critic" and your body actually telling you that you are overdoing it you have won the battle. There are times we push ourselves to the brink of damage to our limbs because don't rest in between workouts. Persevere family; we got this!


Feb 17, 2022

“Defeat the inner critic” and keep pushing! Thanks Coach!

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