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She Can't Carry Her Own Weight

“What’s wrong Tisha”, I asked. She wiped the sweat from her eyebrow and revealed a glistening face as she pulled back the hood from her hoodie still breathing hard as her body was recovering from the workout intensity.

She replied, “I’m not sure if I’m on the right track, I am not seeing exactly what I want when I look in the mirror.”

“Pick up that dumbbell” I instructed. She reached for a 25 pound dumbbell and I motioned for her to pick up the one on the floor instead. Tisha grabbed it and immediately noticed how heavy the 50 pounds felt. I had her place it on the floor in the middle of the room. She looked puzzled. I told her to get the other one and stack it on top. Already tired from the work out she just completed she struggled about as she carried it across the room and stacked it on top of the previous dumbbell as I asked.

“Now you can get the 25 pound dumbbell and stack it on too”, I said with a smirk. She complied and looked at me. Can you imagine picking all of that up and walking around with it. Upstairs, downstairs, to work and back home?” I shot at Tisha. She laughed and said that there is no way she could do that. At that point she smiled. I knew that she got my point. That 125 pounds represented the amount of weight she had lost. She used to carry that exact amount of weight upstairs, downstairs, to work and back home.

I think I saw a tear forming. But before I could decipher whether it was a tear or more sweat she snatched off her hoodie and told me to take a picture! Lol! Tisha loves some

Pictures of Tisha! But who could blame her. We are talking about 125 pounds!

She was Happy. She recognized her achievements. She put on her hoodie and left after thanking me. I was happy as I sat in the gym after she left. I relished in her joy for a

Minute. But then..... I had to put away those heavy weights that she left on my floor!! Lol

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