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Running From Coronavirus Might Make Me Sick

This coronavirus pandemic is something unlike anything that I have ever witnessed before. I have never been told to stay inside, keep the kids from school and don’t go the hospital to sit with loved ones. I am watching videos of people in stores fighting over toilet paper of all things. A few weeks ago, I was in Costco in Clifton and the line went from the very back of the store to the cash registers. It took me longer to find a parking spot than it took me to leave my own driveway, go up the parkway and arrive there. And no, there wasn’t any toilet paper in the store that usually has 10,000 rolls of the good stuff. People are scared and rightfully so.

While in lines at grocery stores I noticed many baskets full of snacks. Don’t get me wrong, I am an admitted chocoholic. But the number of snacks I saw were astonishing. Heck they had stuff I never heard of and definitely wanted to try. Maybe I will try them one day but not right now. Not while I know that I am not as active as I was a month ago when I was training a large number of sessions on a daily basis. I am not writing this to judge anyone for their purchases. I don’t know their background or who they are feeding. I am writing this to help us understand that even though there is a pandemic, we still have to be aware of the number 1 health crisis that was already here; heart disease.

Everything we were told about living a healthy lifestyle is now under fire. Getting active, exercise with friends and going to the gym are no longer a part of our daily regimen. Many of us used to walk to our cars, walk up and down the stairs to get on trains and subways. School administrators, teachers and other school employees used to walk the halls at school. Our kids used to walk to and inside of the schools as well. But not now. None of that activity is happening these days. But didn’t inactivity lead us to the national increase in obesity for both adults and children as well as the increase in diabetes, heart attacks and high blood pressure?

Even though the large majority of us are stuck in the house we have to find ways to get active. Its also important to remember that we should be consuming less calories if we are moving less or those excess calories will show up as inches around our waistlines.

Here are a few ways to get active at home:

- Set an alarm to remind you to walk around your home every 30 minutes.

- Play out in your yard with your kids if possible.

- Take a walk or jog with your household if possible

- Sign up for my online virtual training or for my Body My Moe Facebook training program

Bottom line is that we have to follow all of the safety guidelines to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, but at the same time staying active and eating healthy to avoid other sickness.

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