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Plug into Your Solution

Imagine this, you are in the airport and pull out your cell phone only to find out its dead. You immediately drop your head in disgust. You think “How could I have forgotten to charge it?” Maybe you say a few foul words. You replay your day in your head still trying to identify where you went wrong. Finally, you look up and you see someone plug their phone charger into the last available socket in the terminal.

It is important to recognize what’s wrong. If you don’t know what’s wrong, you can’t fix it. But, you have to be sure that you don’t spend so much time recognizing the problem that you fail to respond by finding a solution.

In the airport scenario there was a solution. Find a socket. We spend so much of our energy focused on the negative situation that we get stuck there. We are kind of conditioned that way. We watch the news and they show 99% negative stories. For whatever reason negativity stands out. We have to unprogram ourselves. Successful people see the problem and move swiftly to problem solving mode.

Find the socket! Most problems in life aren’t exactly that simple, but the principle applies. Give more energy and time to the solution than you do to the problem

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