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Our health is our own responsibility. We can’t forget that fact. At times we can let everything get in the way and make excuses. We say things like, “I ate bad food because that’s what was around” or, “I gain pounds because I was stressed.” Another excuse I hear is “I ate bad food because my family and friends came over”. When we consistently make excuses, we start to believe them. but in all of those excuses we find one common factor. That factor is us. Once a person realizes that they are the main reason for their inability to reach their goals they can start to turn things around. We have to own our errors, we have to own our bodies we have to own our goals.

In the army I was taught that whether a unit fails or succeeds is based upon the leader. We must look at ourselves as a unit. We have to exhibit self-leadership. We can’t blame everything on the outside and not look at ourselves. Does the external environment have an effect on us? Yes, especially if we allow it to. But in most situations, we can have a positive impact on what’s going on if we make better plans. We have to stand up on our goals and dictate what is going to happen. We just have to be stronger. But if we never look up and say, “it’s my fault”, or look back and place blame upon ourselves then we’re never going to reach our goals as long as there are outside entities.

I’m not saying that we have to spend our lives injuring our feelings of self-worth. Instead I am saying that by owning up to our mistakes we can honestly sit down and come up with a plan to help us become better. Instead of blaming poor eating habits on a weekend with my friends. I can say that I slipped up this weekend, but next time I will be conscious about making lower calorie choices. OWN IT AND FIX IT!

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