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My Pillow is Bigger Than a Brick! What the Fat?!

“Coach! I am so frustrated!! The scale is not budging! All of my clothes are too big now, but I weigh almost the same!! How in the world can I be smaller without the scale budging!! I am working so hard and I’m not making any progress! I want to give up! I’m going to cry!”

I usually sleep with my phone on the night table next to the remote. But, on this night my phone was dying so I plugged it in. It’s a saturday night so I wasn’t really anticipating any late night calls. But having a daughter in college makes a Dad jump up quickly.

By the time I got to the blinking light that was my phone my eyes were barley open. Possibly because I was tired from a hard week of work or maybe it was that News report about it being National Margarita Day (or weekend. Blame it on my sister if that’s the case). I stared at my phone for 5 or so minutes trying to focus. I was relieved that it wasn’t my little snookems on campus. My next thought was, “who the heck gets on the scale at 3:28am?” Apparently Margarita weekend was more popular than I assumed.

I replied via text


The next day I called my client and I will share with you what many people need to know as they are on their fitness journey.


Your bedroom pillow is much larger than the brick that is used to build your average American building. But, which one do you think is heavier? Silly question of course right? But it’s relevant to this late night text message that drew me out of bed.

Fat and muscle are similar to the pillow and brick because although one takes up more space it is the other that is heavier. Fat takes up 3 times the amount of space of muscle. Another way to put it is that a pound of fat is three times the size of a pound of muscle. That is why my client was dropping dress sizes and not as many pounds.

The workouts we do are designed to decrease fat while adding a slight increase in muscle.

I called her the next morning to tell her this but did not get an answer. I couldn’t wait to share this knowledge with her so I sent it in a text. She replied later on that day by sending me a Thank you and some smiley face emojis. She also texted “I couldn’t answer earlier, Margarita Weekend got the best of me! Lol!”

Don’t get frustrated, keep trying. Ask a professional what you are doing wrong if you get stuck. Never give up. This is your health and your destiny depends on it.

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