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It's Funny How Things Workout. Karen's Story

Karen started training with me because she needed and wanted to improve her health. Her doctor told her to get moving so she began reviewing training options. That weekend she joined into the breast cancer walk with her sorority. I was walking with my clients that same day. While walking down Broad St in Newark, NJ I heard someone behind me yell my name. I turned around and was happy to see my cousin. I jogged back to give her a big hug. she introduced me to Karen. They were in the same sorority! It's funny how things work out.

Karen told me what was going on and that her doctor, just that week advised her to start exercising. We figured out a plan right then and there and got to work that next Monday.

She has lost 24 pounds and more importantly her A1C numbers have improved. It’s not all about your outward appearance. What goes on inside our bodies matter more. Some of us have ailments that have run rampant through our family trees. We can break the cycle by changing our habits. Karen has changed her habits and her future.

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