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Get Off the Scale and Beat Yourself

The fitness journey can drive you absolutely nuts. Sometimes I have clients that get on the scale 2 times per day. I don’t blame them if they are doing the work they want to see the results. But, we have to remember that the scale is not the only place to focus.

Athletes don’t look like athletes, just for the sake of aesthetics. They have achieved those awesome physiques by focusing on their ability to perform. They want to run faster, jump higher, or all of these depending on their sport.

Instead of racing to the scale, race yourself to see how long it takes you to walk or jog a mile. How many pushups can you do in 1 minute. How long can you hold a proper plank position? Test yourself and workout with improvement on your mind. These are all examples of performance goals. Once you set performance goals they will help you adjust your workout intensity and consistency. It adds motivation and gets your mind off of the scale a bit. Who doesn’t like to get better?

The scale is still important for tracking your weight loss progress, but it is the result of the work. It’s not the work itself. Challenge yourself to perform and your body will conform to the demands you are putting on it. You got this!

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