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Client Testimony: Corey

I originally started virtual personal training with Coach Moe on April 23, 2020. My job made some changes to my schedule that did not allow me to meet up with Coach when he was available. Luckily, he had another program called Body By Moe that was more flexible and I was able to do the workouts on my own time from home.

When I started Body By Moe June 1, 2020 I weighed 179 pounds.

My fear was that I was starting to look like a blimp since I am only 4'11. I did not feel sexy, I didn’t like the way I looked in my clothes. But it was bigger than just the look. I was getting tired going up the stairs at work. I felt myself breathing heavy and I didn’t like that feeling at all. My daughter, Milan will be 9 this year and I want to live long for her. There is a 41 year age gap between Milan and I. The thought of my baby growing up without me due to obesity, heart disease or any other condition that was in my control scared the hell out of me. I said, “Corey, let’s get this weight thing under control. My friend Nicole had great progress with her trainer so I asked her for his contact info. I called Coach and we started 2 days later.

The workouts are challenging and they never get boring. I am to a point that I do not want to stop. I go to bed and wake up thinking about my workouts. My favorite things about the workouts are how he talks smack to keep us motivated, the workouts are self-paced and they are flexible with my rotating work schedule.

What has surprised me the most is that I cannot think of anything better to do in my spare time but working out! Coach makes me want to reach my goals. Even He is constantly giving us advice on health and nutrition.

My sisters and friends say I look good, that I am on a healthy kick and that I have an amazing amount of energy.

My goals when I started were to lose 24 pounds and the belly.

I love that I am losing weight at a healthy pace, getting stronger and losing the important inches that I want to lose. I am also down almost 20 pounds with some new muscles. I am proud of myself and I love myself more for it. I have just turned 50 and I don’t look or fill like it. This year is a new chapter with a new healthy Corey. I feel like the energetic mom my daughter deserves. But guess what? I can do better.

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