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Choose Health Over Sickness

Whether you take actions or not, your health is going to change. Every day we are either training our habits towards progression or regression. There is definitely a fork in the road. By making healthier choices you place yourself in the driver seat so you can steer down the r

oad of improvement. At a certain point in our life we begin to decline. The weight starts to pick up, and we become more and more tired. These are signs that things are changing internally.

The problem is that we can’t see what’s going on in our bodies. Our heart is the most important muscle we have but since it’s not visible like a bicep or a butt many people ignore it. No one says, “Dang girl, your heart is hot!”. It’s a muscle that gets so little attention, even though heart disease is the leading cause of death in America. It’s time we give the heart the attention it deserves, before it’s too late. Maybe there should be an app that posts your heart health as a status so people can say, “ooh boy, looks like you can come to my house and shovel snow all night long!” You get my drift.

We only get one body our entire lives. That body is powered by our hearts. If you love yourself be sure to keep that heart in excellent working order. Not all diseases and illnesses can be stopped, but we can take preventative measures to stay as healthy as possible. Think about what you are eating and be sure to live a moderate to active lifestyle.

I read an article once that said’ “Sitting is the new smoking”. I know exactly what the author meant. Living a sedentary lifestyle keeps us from charging our hearts up. Think of it like the car that sits for a long time and when you go to start it the engine won’t ignite. The car doesn’t start because the battery has died from underuse. Modern technology aids to the underuse of our hearts. We have cars, buses and Uber so we don’t walk much. We have remote controls so we don’t even have to get up to change the channel. I love technology. But I want everyone reading this to realize that because we don’t have to move our feet as much, our hearts aren’t getting the exercise needed to stay healthy.

So, in conclusion, get up and move. Walk, jog, play catch with your kids, dance in the house with someone. Find any excuse to make that heart dance in your chest. Take charge of your health. Someone once said, “Make time now for your health, or lose time later for your sickness.”

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