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Be a Big Baby; Never Quit

Left foot first, then right foot moves slowly....and boop. Once again the protective fluff of the diaper softens another fall as my daughter was making her transition from crawler to full fledged walker. I can’t tell you how many times she fell, but I can definitely assure you that it was one less than the number of times she got back up.

I wonder at what point in life do people stop being like babies? I’m not talking about pooping in public at the most inconvenient times. I mean when do we grow out of the spirit of failing and getting back up to try again? 

Babies don’t have degrees or any over the top athletic ability. Instead they are blessed with single minded focus.  My daughter was willing to risk the pain of the fall in order to gain the joy of her next step. 

Babies can feel pain. We can feel pain. But, the momentary setback doesn't stop them. I think that we give ourselves to many options, excuses and cop outs. Once we fail we say ,”I guess it wasn’t meant to be.”  That’s not true most of the time. We are probably just a few tries away from achieving our next step.

Be a baby. No, be a big baby! Keep pushing. Be persistent and resilient. In the words of the ever so poetic Cardi B “Fall down 9 times, but get up 10.”

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