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5 Ways to Combat Stress Eating

Take a walk- instead of heading to the pantry, just keep going and head out the door. While you are walking your burning calories but also getting some fresh air and increasing your blood flow to your brain. This increased blood flow is useful for helping you to think of solutions to whatever is bothering you. The change of scenery can also promote a change of attitude.

Dance- I originally wanted to say listen to music, but I prefer the idea of dancing even more. when you get up and dance your mood automatically changes. You are burning calories and stepping the stress away.

Log your meals- There is something magical that happens when you write things down. All of a sudden, they matter. If you know that you are going to write things down, you are more likely to eat better because you don’t want to have to give yourself a bad report.

Coffee- I drink black coffee normally but I know that’s not something everyone is willing to do. You can have it with a natural sweetener like monk fruit or stevia. Coffee helps to curb your appetite and can get you an extra energy boost to go do something more productive than sitting and worrying.

Keep your enemies far away- It’s important to place things that work against your nutritional goals out of your reach. Apples and nuts should go on the counter and not so good snacks should be in the back of the pantry

These are just a few things that help me and my clients. If you know of some more helpful tips to help combat stress eating please share them.

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