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Courage and Vision

In place of fear and self-doubt I wish courage and vision for you. Fear is a dream killer. It’s the father of procrastination, life stagnation and our failure to rise to our true potential. Every time we get ready to make that big move fear paralyzes us and makes us take a seat that we never get up from. It keeps us from venturing into the unknown path that leads to our personal greatness. It makes us forget about our goals and also about how we can use the same strength and faith from our past that we used to get this far already. Just when you begin to move past fear, self-doubt sticks it’s disgusting hand into your soul and reminds you of all of your past failures. It attacks you by using your ego against you. Telling you that everyone will laugh at you as you fail at your attempt to be a better version of yourself. Telling you that is better for your self-esteem if you don’t try. You can’t do it. You aren’t worth it. These are the examples of the self-deprecating weaponry in the self-doubt tool bag.

But today is a new day. This is a new moment. As of right now you will commit to being courageous. Sit back and envision a brighter tomorrow that you will obtain starting with immediate action right now. Will it be better health, better relationship with God and people, or will it be more financial stability? Maybe it will be all of them. You will set out on a hunt for your better version. You will equip yourself with discipline, dedication, resilience and perseverance. You will ignore the naysayers, defeat your inner weak voice and follow the road of the new habits that your vision has paved in advance of your journey.

Now go. Don’t delay, don’t get distracted and most importantly, don’t give up.

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