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Comfort Tells Lies


Jasmine has been grinding hard. You can’t get change without accepting the challenge. Don’t fall for the lie that comfort tells you. Comfort tells you to just relax and everything will be ok. Meanwhile in reality things get worse. 1 extra pound can become 10 real quick. And 10 can lead to 20. Most of us just go purchase bigger clothes to cover the bulge. However, t’s not just the pounds that change. Over time the extra weight can open you up to other health issues like knee and back pain, diabetes, high blood pressure and others. It can also damage your self confidence. Jasmine got sick of being “comfortable.” She got up and put in work.

Jasmine Says:

“I wasn’t happy with my self, I wasn’t confident after having my son. I felt ugly, I felt fat. I lost my self. I knew the real me was still in that body somewhere. I was determined to bust out. When I started working out and seeing a change, my confidence returned and I felt better about myself. I’m back to my old self and I am never turning back.”

Don’t be a victim of comfort. Define your fitness standards and hold yourself to them. If you need help getting your health back on track email me at

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