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Batteries Not Included

We were blessed to see another Christmas morning. We actually got a little snow the day before. Therefore it looked like the classical white Christmas like you see in the holiday greeting cards. Ian came downstairs from his 3rd floor room to wake us up. Of course we were up already just waiting for him. He was so anxious to see what Santa had bought him. He’s always a good kid so he knows that he’s gonna get a lot for Christmas, and the list he prepared with his Auntie was extensive as normal. So as he entered out room we got out of the bed and made our way down the stairs.

When we reached the first floor we noticed a trail of carrot crumbs near the fireplace. Apparently, the reindeers had come down with Santa to eat as well. Every year Ian bakes cookies and leaves them on the table, as well as some vegetables so that Santa can have some good food and the reindeer‘s can have some veggies.

We followed the trail of carrots back to the dining room to see that all cookies have been eaten except for one. Santa must’ve gotten full. Being the awesome kid he is, Ian offered me the last cookie.

We moved from the dining room down the wooden floored hallway to the front room where the Christmas tree stood beautifully decorated with Mickey Mouse at the top. But, it was what was under the tree that provoked so much exuberance. It was time to see what that colorful gift wrapping paper was hiding. He opened gift, after gift, after gift. He rejoiced in appreciation of each, while my wife and I rejoiced in knowing that he has been such a good kid that he earned them.

Of course it’s the 21st century so many of the gifts required power and had the same thing written on the box. Batteries not included. They were all great gifts but without the batteries they were useless. Luckily my wife and I anticipated that Santa would bring presents that required power so we had a plethora of batteries ready for this day in particular. AA, AAA and C batteries gave life to the remote control cars, drones and high powered Nerf guns.  The toys that once sat still, were now energized and doing what their creator made them to do.

We all have gifts given to us by our Creator. We just need to put energy into using them to bring them to life. Write down your goals, pray on them. Create a plan and put that plan into action!

Batteries are not included. Your effort is required.

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