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Get Your Heart Out of a Headspace

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

When most people hear the word discipline they think of punishment. because we always think of situations such as kids being disciplined by a teacher or coach. People don’t realize that discipline just means following the rules of the game that you’re playing, or following the rules of a culture of a classroom or of a certain teaching. When you are disciplined you are a disciple of whatever you’re becoming. The most successful people in the world are successful because of the discipline. Their ability to stick to the plan is what caused them freedom. The most disciplined among us are the freest of us. Warren Buffett is disciplined. He lives a life falling certain steps that allows him to be the billionaire he is. He talks about how he sticks to thrifty and frugal financial principles. He also talks about prioritizing his health.

Discipline is just a means of ensuring that you can reach whatever goals you have. If your goal is to lose weight then you set a time frame for it, you write out a plan and you do the work regardless of how you feel. I was listening to the Reverend TD Jakes and he said get your heart out of a headspace. Your goals are a headspace situation. They require logical actions to take place. And because it’s logical, it eliminates the power of us making statements like, “I don’t feel like it, or I’m mad or sad.” You can be mad and sad and still get to work. Actually, doing the work may put you in a better mood.

A lot of times people want to do things when they are excited about them, or when they are in the mood. Could you imagine if we only went to work when we were in the mood or excited? We rarely would go. But, that means we rarely would be able to pay our bills as well. We have disciplined ourselves at our jobs for the most part. We show up when we are supposed to be there and do what we have to do to earn our pay. The same discipline we use to get up and go to work even we don’t want to is the same discipline we should use pursue our personal goals even on the days we don’t want to. Your awesome goals require logical steps. Get your heart out of the headspace and get busy.

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