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Fitness Success Tip: Get Battle Ready

Ever ended up eating crap because you got hungry and bad food was the only thing around you?

Ever missed a workout because you arrived home from work and didn’t like going back out to the gym?

In the military we have what we call Rapid Deployment Units. These units are designed to be ready to deploy into a war zone within 18 hours. Heck, it takes longer than that for most of us to pack for a weekend trip. During Desert Storm Army units made it to Saudi Arabia From North Carolina within three days. How do they do that? More importantly, how can this information help you?

The best way to get ready is to stay ready. These units have a checklist that outlines things that need to be done in order to be ready to go. They also have a system to insure they periodically check on the tasks on the list. If there is something that is not in good standing the Soldiers would correct it.

On an individual level each Soldier would maintain a similar system. The major part of their deployability that I would like to direct your attention to is their bug-out bags. These were bags that were inventoried and packed with a mission in mind. In my bag I kept clean uniforms, toiletries etc. that I would need to wear. In addition, I would have snacks and MRE’s packed so that I could maintain my nutrition for a few days.

Although you may not be headed out to war, I think you can benefit from the same principles of preparation. Imagine how smooth things would be if you maintained a daily bug-out bag. Every night you should pack a bag with things you know you will need for the next day. Pack a bag with your gym clothes and sneakers. Pack another bag with your food for that day to include your snacks and place the bags at the front door. Now you are battle ready.

Having your gym clothes packed the night before can eliminate your need to go back home to change and then fight with yourself to head back out to the gym. You are less likely to fall off of your nutrition plan if you have your own prepared health conscious food with you in a bag. We are creatures of convenience. So, let’s make doing the right thing more convenient.

Try this out and let me know what you think. You can email me at

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