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Why Do Most People Fail to Reach Their Fitness Goals?

I meet so many people that are fitness frustrated. They have tried everything from juicing to waist trainers to gym memberships. They feel like no matter what they do they just can’t get any closer to their goals. I can really feel their pain as they tell me the lengths they have gone through. Many people just quit trying.

I’m very comfortable in gyms. I had an older guy named Kenny that lived on my street that taught me how to use the gym in the East Orange Civic Center when I was in middle school. The Civic Center had very basic equipment. Bench Press, squat rack, leg press and dumbbells. Which is almost all you need to get stronger and add some muscle.

Kenny was seriously into weight lifting and also into teaching others. He kind of inducted me into the brotherhood of iron so to say. He taught me what exercises to do for what body parts and how many reps and sets to do. He was one of the older kids on the block that took responsibility for teaching the younger kids. He also taught me how to catch as well. I know that is a little off topic, but it was important to me.

Kenny’s lessons enabled me to become stronger and more muscular. I was able to make gains because I knew what to do and how to do it. I actually ended up training 2 of my friends in middle school before I even heard of the term trainer. I guess that was a glimpse into my future.

Over many years I sampled different training techniques and exercises. I had fallen in love with exercise as a hobby and ultimately as a lifestyle. I learned from others as well as from reading and researching. The human anatomy is very interesting and complex. I loved testing myself and exercise theories. I wasn’t doing it to make money or to earn any certifications. I did it for the love of it. Throughout the years I was able to help plenty of my friends achieve their goals. Many of them were already working out, but I gave them something they didn’t have. Something that rapidly sped up their success.

I gave them a plan. I became their Kenny. I created a road map for their success. This is something that I still see most people are missing. They have a goal, but no plan. That is a recipe for failure. And not just as it pertains to exercise. Failing to plan is a plan for failure. The most successful people in the world are not there by mistake. They have a goal and a specific plan for getting there. Successful people know what needs to be done and follow the steps that are outlined for them.

Have you ever been frustrated about not being able to reach your fitness goals? If so don’t fret. I am here to help you. I have a plan.

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