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Will Power, Hide My Chocolate!!!

There are some of us that have an amazingly high level of will power. I don’t see myself as one of them. Well at least not when it comes to chocolate. I love chocolate and will eat it all day. I have never in my life turned down some of that smooth, sweet, heavenly treat. As I’m typing this I am literally salivating. However, I only indulge my chocolate addiction once or twice per month. How can I do that and say that my will power is weak? Easy. I don’t keep it accessible.

Yes, I play a game of keep away with myself. You can do it to. Simply don’t buy the stuff that will go against your nutrition plan or put it in a place that requires you to work to get it. Let’s take a chocolate candy bar for example. Don’t leave it on the counter and definitely don’t ever let it into your bedroom. It is quite seductive and you won’t stand a chance. Instead put it in the pantry behind a few things. Just knowing that you have to dig it out may be enough to deter you. You can even put that chocolate in a place that is surrounded by healthier choices like nuts or fruit. The goal is to deter yourself as much as possible.

Will power is a great thing to have, but most of us get weak faster than we would want to admit. But now hopefully I have given you another weapon you can use in your fight for better health and fitness. If I had a piece of chocolate on my nightstand right now I would definitely eat it before I finish typing this post. But, its downstairs in the fridge behind the blueberries and strawberries. KNOW THY SELF!

How do you avoid straying from your nutrition plan? Email me at

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Sep 24, 2019

I love dark chocolate covered almonds! My Krytonite!!! I too put it in the pantry; out of sight out of mind. I only buy them when I know friends are coming over.

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